Welcome to @caneopolo.ie Ireland. 

This site is dedicated to providing up to date canoe polo news on competitions, team training, referee and coaching training sessions. The site also contains information on the rules of polo and how you can get involved. Please use the above tabs to navigate the site.

The 2017 AGM will be held in the conference room at Sport HQ, Blnchardstown on the 21st October at 5pm. Any nominations for committee positions to be submitted to chair@canoepolo.ie bythe 13th October

The following positions are up for election:

- Secretary - 2 year term - under the constitution the secretary cannot re-stand for this role

- Development and Child Protection Officer - 2 year term

- Ordinary Member - 2 year term

 The following 1 year role is up for election:

- Chairperson - 1 year term

- Treasurer  - 1 year term

Please look at the committee tab to get in contact with a committee member.