2013 Season

It is extremely important that all players/coaches be aware of the following


For the summer 2013 season the Irish National Canoe Polo Committee (NCPC) have highlighted 3 competitions where NCPC members will be actively involved in ensuring competitions in Ireland are run to an acceptable standard. The competitions are as follows: 

  • The Galway Open 
  • Club Championships 
  • Irish Open 

All rules listed below are regulations which will be implemented by NCPC/Referees Committee for 2013. These regulations are correct as of 1st March 2013. Please note that details are subject to change. 

Any significant changes will be highlighted prior to each competition and at captains meetings on each day of said competition. Players note that if organisers wish to strictly implement additional ICF rules (e.g. immediate green card for back chat to referee) then they are free to do so. 


For 2013, all Grade 3 and Trainee referees must repeat the 2012 Irish Canoe Polo Referee exam (those that passed in 2012 and part 2011 are exempt). The pass rate for the exam is 75% for all grades 

Rules From the 1st July 2013: 

  • All Division 1 & 2 teams must provide 1 Grade 3 Referee (plus 1 other Referee)
  • All Division 3 / Ladies/ U16’s must provide 1 trainee Referee (plus 1 other Referee)


Teams will not be timetabled for competition if they cannot provide the relevant referee for their division at the time of registration. During a competition, any game where a team cannot provide the relevant referee for their division will result in a scratch game with the relevant points distributed. 

Matching Equipment

Rules From the 1st July 2013: 

  • All teams must wear the same colour BA 


Any team in breach of any of these rules will lose 1 point per game from their overall score with a max of 2 points per competition. 


  • At the Galway Open any dangerous equipment will not be permitted on the water. 
  • From the 1st July 2013 all illegal and/or dangerous equipment will not be permitted on the water. 


In order to implement these rules, the following will be provided by the NCPC: 

  • Referee’s exams at each competition 
  • Timetabled shadowing (please request prior to competition) 
  • Assessments in situ allowing movement of grades 
  • Advice/examples on how to repair your equipment 

If you have any questions in relation to any of the information provided please email referee@canoepolo.ie